Hey Guys!

Looking back on February is even harder than looking back at January… Maybe every month from now will feel so short looking back…

Just from my memory, February was basically me being lowkey depressed and Valentines Day, but when I looked through pictures and receipts, I found out that I actually did something else.

My exchange organization organized a trip to an escape room. We met some exchange students like Lina, Tessa, Lucia, Tristan, and some others. It was a really fun night and even though our time was basically up they let us finish it anyways, which was super nice. I think we went like 7 to 10 minutes over the time but we were pretty proud of us! (Some people in our group took it a little too serious thoughXD Elena’s reaction was the best though – god, I love her)

I bought my Prom dress(02/04/18) and accessoires for it! It was basically the first dress I saw and even though it wasn’t 100% what I was looking for I’m still happy I chose it!
Of cause I had to call my mom immediatly- ya girl can’t buy anything over $30 without asking her mom about it haha! (you can see it in my Prom Blog post)
I did my own clutch for prom. I used Lauree’s sewing machine and omg I was so happy when I finished it because her machine gave me the biggest struggle -.-

On Valentines day(02/14/18), Elena and megot Kenzy a singiing Valentime and she semed to really like it! She got us some candy(I got Sour Ptach kids- best candy ever, freaking awesome!!!). In the evening we went to Olive Garden. We had a great night even though we spent way too much money XD

I went to the Warren (movie theatre) 2 days in a row(god, my conscience wasn’t happy withz it, sorry mom and dad).
First day(02/18/18) me and Elena (and maybe Kenzy I don’t remember) watched Maze Runner – Death Cure which was pretty good.
The next day(02/19/18), we(Elena, kenzy, Dalton(a friend of them)) watched Black Panther which was freaking AMAZING!!!!
Idk how it was in Germany, but I know so many people that watched it twice!

Towards the end of the month the skating hall in Moore had a Highschool night or something, so me, Elena and Hamza went. It was the first time I hang out with him and he is pretty cool. Hamza is from Belgium and first lived in Alabama, but changed his host fam to Ashley’s family (a girl from my 1st hr).

So now why I only remembered the depression and Valentines Day…
I wasn’t on best termes with Kenzy and Elena had like 2 hrs with her so of cause they did a lot. At that point Kenzy and Elena were basically my only friends, so it kinda sucked and I felt like I had no friends at all… Moreover, it was Karneval in Germany and I saw all my friends having fun and being stupid and I was just thinking “Oh if I only went half a year…”. So I started listening to some German music(at the beginning Karnevals Music and then rap) and I honestly don’t know if it helped or made it worse… I just know that it felt right in the moment…
I probably remeber Valentines Day, because it kinda took me out of my sadness and jealousy and it showed that I was just showeling myself into the anger towards Kenzy. So with time I got over it and I mean we still don’t do as much as we used to, but it’s all good!

Well, after my homesickness in January and Febuary better things were to come! I will write about them soon! Lots of love and

See you soon,



Me, Elena and Giuliana on her last day <3

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year! I’m officially coming back this year… Half time of my exchange year, the time went by crazy fast!

On New Years Eve, I listened to all the music that came out in 2017 and I thaught about all the memories made and what was left to come!

I honestly don’t remember much of January, just that it went by crazy fast.
My schedule didn’t really change, but I now take a higher level English class (Junior level). I like it much better and the people are nice (even though I’m too shy to really talk to them). Some people from my other calsses are in that class too(Madison from 3rd hr and Dillon from 1st hr).
Track and Field is getting a little more serious now that the season is about to start and the first few Indoor Meets are in front of the door (I’m not good enough to go to one though XD).  I will be throwing the discuss!
I went on a Field trip to the Science Museum with my fashion class and it was great! We later ate at the Devens Tower(biggest Skyscraper Downtown)…

I start driving a little more- first in the neighboorhood and now even on the street!
I went shopping in Sooner Mall with Kenzy, Elena and Giuliana and got a new pair of jeans! After that we went to the jumping hall they have there, it was a blast!

Me and Elena watched the Greatest Showman and my expectations were so high that I was kinda disappointed… Everybody else seems to love it though and the music was great so I can’t really say anything!

Lauree cooked some Schnitzel and everyone looved it so she is gonna continue making something German (bread/ Schnitzel) every month.

Also, Giuliana left us in January and it is kinda weird without her… I really hope we can keep our promises to meet again! It was also the first time where I got a little taste of what leaving Oklahoma and going back home is going to be like…
It probably was the reason why in January and even Febuary I had a little down…
The fact that I kinda stopped hanging out with Kenzy and didn’t really had any other close friends didn’t really help the matter…

Well anyways…

See you soon,


Christmas Vacation

Hey Guys!

The Finals went by just fine, they were by far not as stressful as they would have been in Germany!

Our Xmas trip we went to Wyominwe, but we saw by far more than the little cabin we stayed in. You might wonder who we was – my hostfamily and me, Elena and her hostfamily, Paul(my local rep & host uncle), K.C., Tami, Mikaela and their exchange students. All in all we were 14 people – 3 children, 4 exchange students and 7 adults.

The 2 other families started their trip on Thursday noon, but my family didn’t leave until Friday afternoon. 16 hours of driving in front of us, I was pretty happy to have the whole backseat pretty much for my own(2 of the 3 seats were full of stuff, but the “mountain” that they formed was extremly comfortable – surprisingly, I know). So I slept half of the way, missing out the view of Kansas’ and Colerado’s landscape at night. I had a really light sleep so I woke up every few hours and let me tell you – the stars are never brighter then when you sit in the back of a car allone on the road miles and miles away from civilization.
Other than in Oklahoma winter had already arrived in the states we travelled in, snow covering the sidewalks and freezing temperatures.

We finally arrived in Riverton around 8 o’clock on Saturday the 23rd. We eat breakfast there and bought some snow chains and gloceries. We spent all morning there trying to find everything we need… How hard can it be to find snow chains fitting for our car in a State were a foot of snow is the norm? Pretty hard! And not even because they were sold out – they just don’t really sell them in first place… Well anyways, after like one more hoour we finally arrived at the cabin. The driveway had an really steep slope – without snow chains you had no chance to get up there, because it was all covered in snow. By the way, the other 2 families had no chains either so they had to wait down at the drive way and carry all the stuff up ther by themselfes. We first went up there to get the others to help my hostdad to get the chains on. They failed so everybody helped us to get the suitcases, dishes and gloceries up there.

I shared my room with Elena and Kailee(Elena’s 8 year old hostsis), but we were upstairs most of the time. On Saturday we didn’t really do anything becaus eit snowed all day. We played cards while the TV played some kind of movie.
I don’t recall if it was on Saturday or on any other day, but it really doesn’t matter. One evening, the parents had the GLORIOUS idea to play Axis and Allies. All well and good, let them play that game right?! Well, not really – they forced us to play it with them. People forcing me to do something I don’t really want to do is something I can’t really stand in first place, so I was pissed that I had no choice in what I want to do (not all of the adults were playing anyways, I could have just watche dthe movie with them, but anyways…). So with the best mood I started the game, or I started to get it explainied. They put us 4 exchange students in the Axis (me and Louis from Germany were Germany; Elena from Italy was  Italy; and Gus from Tailand was Japan) – none of us had ever played that game. We listened about half an hour to K.C. reading the game manual, until Tami saved us and said that we should just start and when we needed help or information they would help us. Or at least at that point, I thought she saved us.
The game was pretty complicated and based on tactic. As I already said none of us ever played it and the only one seeming to get it was Louis, the other team was strong (all of them had played the game millions of times (or at least more than once)). Elena and Gus were just doing random stuff and I left the thinking to Louis. When team Italy and Japan went away I left with them Louis taking over the whole game. I still have extreme respect for Louis for understanding and keeping playing the game and not hating us forever XD

So we went down stairs and played UNO – one of the funniest memories of that trip and maybe even my whole exchange year!

On the 24th, we went to Thermopolis, Wyoming. It was like a natural swiming pool warmed up by Yellow Stone, good 200km (about 130mi) away. It was great, but there was alot of sulfur in the water, so it didn’t smell really good. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun there, especially because you could go outside. You would be in the hot waterImage result for shows like yugioh while the air is so cold that your hair freezes… Gus looked like that one animated chracter. (yugioh)


On the 25th we woke up early and opened our presents and stockings. We had a big snowball fight with out a clear end! (I’m sure my team won – we definetly didn’t surrender!)
Later, in the afternoon, we took a sleigh and flew down the drive way. It was a blast!

The next day we started our jorney back home. My hostparents, Paul and I were going to take a little longer than the others because we were going to look at some sights that lay on the way. The first day we didn’t really see anything until later in the evening, when we arrived at Mountrushmore. It was freezing cold, but never the less beautiful. I took some pictures even though I thought my fingers were about to fall off.

The next day we looked at a piece of the Berlin Wall in South Dakota. I didn’t know that each State got a piece of the Berlin Wall! We continued our Roadtrip home and stopped at the Car Hedge in Nebraska… On one of the nights we ate a a restaurant and we nearly couldn’t eat there because there was a bar in the Resteraunt and uhnder aged people usually can’t even enter places like this (ridiculus I know!), but they made and exeption so iot was fine!

Picture by Pinterest! Wehn I was there, it was all covered in snow…

It was a really long trip and now I can proudly say that I have been/seen Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and of cause Oklahoma(and if you count my orientation camp New York)!

We all had a great time and I’m really grateful that we made that trip!!!

See you soon,



Hey Guys!

This post is about my December (until Dec. 16)

On the 1st day of December, Giuliana, Elena, Kenzy and me went ice skating in downtown. Afterward we walked around a little bit and made some cool pictures in front of the trees with Xmas light on them and the giant, red, glitter ornament.
8 days later, me and my Host parents went to Chickacha where they dacorated a whole park with Xmas lights. It looked awesome and the best part was that they bought a huge bag of Kettle Korn just for me!!!


I finished nearly all my sewing projects and the time till Xmas or until we go to Wyoming is getting less and less. I still need to buy some presents and it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. It hasn’t even snow yet -even in Germany it did and it never snows there!

Next week are the finals so Monday will be “normal” and on Tuesday we will be 2 hours in 1st, 3rd and 5th hour, and on Wednesday we will be 2 hours in 2nd, 4th and 6th hour. I don’t write tests in 5th and 6th hour and I don’t think I really have to learn for the rest… I’m ready for vacation though XD

Well I guess it will take a while until you will hear from me again , but anyways…
See you soon,


Photo by me

Hey Guys!

This post is about my November.

The month “started” with the last home football game of this season. It was on Nov. 5th, freezing cold, windy and we lost. Elena, Giu and me actually left before the game was over… this was a really bad season for Southmoore football and I just hope that we Will be better in the other sports.

On Nov. 9 me and Elena went for a walk and talked about God and the world( more about world than God XD)and took some pictures of the sunset at the playground. Oklahoma sunsets are the best ones!

The following day, Giuliana, Elena and me watched the Supercat vs. Teachers basketball game. The Supercat team is the team of the Special kids at our school. I’m always impressed how well the other kids and the Special kids get along and how they treat them. I don’t think that they would be treated the same way in Germany. The Supercats won!

Santa Claus was already there and listening to kids telling him that wishes.



On Nov. 11 my Host family and I went to Penn Square Mall about an hour away. I love this Mall because it is really big. Moreover it has a candy shop where they sell candy from all over the world and especially from Germany <3





Kenzy started a countdown to my birthday. Everyday I got 4 presents started with whatever letter of my name (Monday L, Tuesday I, Wednesday LL, Thursday I) so that I got 16 presents on my birthday.
On Nov. 15th I was told to bring some food color over to Elena’s house, but it was only a trick. When I came closer to the house, Elena and Giuliana jumped behind a car and screamed happy birthday. It was funny because on one hand I really didn’t expected that but on the other, on my way to the house I thought “I was born in Germany and there it is already after 12 so it’s technically already my birthday”. They gave me my present and baked brownies, some Brazilian candy and bought ice cream. It was so sweet of them I literally started crying.
At school a lot of people congratulated me. In my 1st hour my teacher played “Chucky    Cheese for my birthday” and my 3rd hour teacher bought cupcakes for me.



The day before my mother told me to try to get out of practice as fast as I could, so that my family could talk to me. As I was still high jumping and I couldn’t get out at the time I told my mom I would, I called her when I was still at school and suddenly all my friends were at the other end at the phone. It was the cutest thing they could have done and I am crying again because I am still so overwhelmed when I think of it! I think I talked with them for an hour or two.



In the evening Elena’s family came over and we had cake and ice cream. I got a pair of all black converse that I really wanted and an art kid(no idea how I’m gonna get that one home). Elena and Giu had got me Xmas lights, so that evening Elena played my photographer and made some fancy, tumblr like pictures.
I really thought my birthday would be terrible and I would get super homesick, but all my friends and my 2 families made it unforgettable and wonderful.
On Nov 17, we had Cinnamon Roll Waffles in my 3rd hour, which kinda became a tradition till now XD


On Nov 21, me and Elena unpacked the Christmas tree and decorated it. It was the first time I decorated a fake tree and the first time I did it in November haha.

For Thanksgiving we went over to Elena’s house. Her host parents had a competition who dis the better turkey. Her dad won (I voted for the other one). We prayed and said what we were thankful for and then we ate. We had Cruncherous which is a candy sent straight from heaven and made by and secret family recipe. But there was no time to rest after the dinner – black Friday shopping already started on Tuesday! We (Elena, her host parents and me) went to Wallmart and everybody got a position to stay at and a thing to get. I was standing at the toy section and was as nervous as I could be. You are not allowed to touch anything before the countdown is over, so we still had to wait about 15 min. I expected that to be like the hunger games or WW3 but actually I was pretty disappointed. On Friday, me and Elena bought some warm boots for our Xmas trip and I ordered some stuff online, but Black Friday wasn’t even half as spectacular as expected.

On Nov. 27 my package from Germany finally arrived after 3 weeks. I was excited and let a lot of people try a lot of stuff. Of cause everybody loved the candy – German candy is the besssstttt! <3

After lots of struggle and problems I finally got my drivers permit on Tuesday Nov. 28. Now I just have to wait 6 month and do my driving test and then I got my full license and can hopefully drive in Germany.

Some time in November I also started my puzzel pillows which were definitely a thing I thought and talked a lot about haha.

Well that was my November!
See you soon,


Photo by me

Hey Guys!
Sorry that I didn’t posted anything in a pretty long while but here it is haha.

As it was such a long time I can’t remember everything but here is a summary of the most important events…

On October 6th, Kenzy, Elena and me went to Hay day where we played laser tag and mini golf (funfact: I am extremely good at mini golf… The ball landed in the hole most of the times, even though it sometimes went for a swim or mysteriously found its way into my hand that helped it finding the goal…). When we played laser tag we had to find some codenames and as creative as we are we took the word for butterfly in our mother languages(Well Elena and I

did, Kenzy’s codename was in Spanish and not English because she has Mexican roots).
Unfortunately I who never played laser tag ended up in the other team than Kenzy and Elena, and the only people that played with us were little kids. Spoiler Alarm; my team lost. (And at the beginning I nearly died from a heart attack haha XD I’m telling you guys; I felt like I was about to play in the hunger games XD). After laser tag we went over to the mini golf where we found a ball so we didn’t even had to pay for it… We are so bad XD

The day after that me and Elena went for a walk. We talked about God and the world (more world than God XD) and saw the first Halloween decorations!



I also went to a 16th birthday party of a friend. We did some S’mores and I met some interesting people who I either never saw again or didn’t had the chance to talk to when I did :/

Elena and me had (or have) the ritual to go out for dinner(or at least do something together) on Friday evenings. Especially the first few month we often went to Braum’s(aka heaven on earth) and had something like fries with shake <3 (Cooper the dog was the most adorable thing on this earth haha…)

On October 18,  Elena, Giu and me went to the Warren theatre to watch Happy death day. It was an awesome movie, but I was scared to death XD. There was a lot of space between 2 rows of seats so I felt really insecure and I was sure that something was hiding under the seats and take me into the depths of the theatre basement if I would be careful(It did not happen). The only disappointment that evening was the popcorn – salty *kotz*

On October 30th, we went to an event called Sabercat King where the most “attractive” guys of our school compete against each other though showing their talents and answering questions. It was hilarious!

On Halloween, Elena, me, Kenzy and some of her friends went to a hunted house. We literally had to wait for hours and Kenzy and the rest totally ignored us, but me and Elena talked and the hunted house itself was fun. The evening could have been better but that’s what happens when you have high expectations :/


This was my October and in the next few blog post you can read about my November and December!
See you soon,


Photo by me – the assembly in 5th and 6th hour

Hey Guys!

Yesterday(09/29/2017)  was Homecoming and I thought – I have nothing to do, just write a Blog post. And here we go, my Homecoming Blog Post!

We (Elena, Guiliana & me) were looking the whole week for somebody who sells the tickets for the dance – we didn’t want to go to the game because we were sure we are going to lose this game and, because the weather was bad on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we thought it would just be cold and rainy and we wouldn’t have fun. It turned out that Friday was a really sunny and warm, but not hot day. But that didn’t change our decision, we just wanted to go to the dance.

Things we/I thought about the dance, which turned out to be wrong:

  • Every girl wears a beautiful dress and the boys wear something more or less beautiful too (This dream was destroyed on Monday in the Homecoming week during the first morning announcement:”The dresscode is causual” – Elena had bought already a really cool dress and I had already decided what to wear!- Thanks.)
  • The Hoco(short form for Homecoming) King and Queen would be announced at the dance(even though I already supposed that that might happen at the game itsself) or would at least be there(Okay, maybe they were at the dance but if so, they didn’t wear their “outfits”(dress and shirt + tie))
  • it would be dark(er) (-> they probably had the light on so that they(in the room were about 5 teachers and at least one police officer and in the entrance room another 2 or 3 teachers) could see what we were doing)
  • there would be more students
  • they would play better music ( in the whole 2 hours that the dance lasted, all good songs that we heard were countable on one hand -.-! But I have to say that we didn’t know half of the songs, which could explain why we liked that few songs…)

    On the day of the dance we still hadn’t tickets for the dance what made us freak out a little bit, but during lunch a cheerleader came to our table and sold us the tickets – If we had known how easy it would be ‘XD! We decided that we want to meet and do something while everybody else is at the game. First we wanted to go bowling but then we decided to watch Highschool musical instead. So the plan was that they would come over around 7, 7:30!
    Then we went to our 5th hour (well before that I went through every of the 8 hallways – 2 hallways for each class were decorated in the spirit of the class – Freshmen Neon, Sophomores Out of Space/Black, Juniors Superheros, Seniors Tropical. The Freshmen hallway was pretty boring, but our hallway was pretty cool(my 2nd favorite)- they turned off the light and put black paper infront of the windows, then they hung up lots of strings of light in white or color! We also had some posters with rockets or aliens! The Junior Hallway was the coolest one – they had big posters with the logo of diffrent superheros and ballons in the same color. They also put black posters on a whole wall and drew some skyscrapers on it. They had some small things with superhero logos hanging from the ceiling and in general it was a really good decorated Hallway. The Seniors hallway was okay. In one of their 2 they pute a blue blanket with turtel figures on it under the lights, which made the hallway seem like an underwater world. On one wall they had waves and then some posters of fishs and other animals.). In Fashion (5th hour) I had to write a test and after that the assembly started(To my German friends – you could maybe compare it to SV Karneval). First the Seniors went to the assembly then the Juniors and so on. I usually stand at the Junior section even though I am a Sophomore because my friends are there! My whole section looked lika a huge group of Emos/Punks or depressed people because 99% wore black(like out of space). As this is the 10th year of Southmoore, they invited some former Homecoming Kings and Queens and then they let all the “nominations” of Homecoming Kings/Queens of diffrent sports in the hall. They all wore some really pretty dresses and I ranked them from the most bautiful dress to the less beautiful one. (Fun Fact: 2 girls wore the same dress – drama! *Not really*)

After that they played some kind of a game and then they presented who wron the “Hallway” contest. Their Ranking (+ my ranking in brackets)

  1. Juniors (Juniors)
  2. Seniors (Sophomores)
  3. Sophomores + Freshmen (Seniors)
  4. (Freshmen)

And then – the last thing at every Assembly- The spirit strike contest. The aim is to be the loudest class in the contest, thus the class with the most school spirit. And in the first time in forever(A/N Why do I have to thing about that song in Tangled?’XD) the class of 2019(juniors) won! After that there were about 20 to 30 min left, so I went to T&F, but we didn’t do practise!

After dinner Elena and Guiliana came to my house and we watched Highschool Musical, ate half a giant bag of Kettle Corn and watched some funny videos- we had a lot of fun XD! At the end of te movie Kenzie came around too and we prepared ourselfes for the dance. My host dad had an app where he could see the score of the game, and in the 3rd quarted the score was 7-0 for us! We couldn’t belive it! One time we decide not to go and then they win! At that point we regretted that we didn’t went.(Moreover the crowned the Hoco King and Queen there…)
Well at least the game was boring when that was the score…

As we arrived at the dance the other german exchange student came to me and told us that we lost – that was a shock for us… The app hadn’t updated after the 3rd quater and the end score was 7-14 – so we didn’t really missed anything!

The dance itself was kind of boring but we had fun anyway. We danced silly german and italian dance moves, slandered about the DJ and about weird things other people did – like sitting on the floor and dancing as if they would be a ballerina on the stage! XD

Kenzie’s mother picked her up so there were just Guiliana, Elena and me left. We talked (maybe a little too loud ‘XD) about brazilian, italian and german parties and by the time we were picked up there was just a police officer, our headmaster and some weird boys without a ride home left – so we were literally the last people on the party!

Homecoming wasn’t really how I aspected it to be, but it definetly could have been worse!

See you soon,


Sep 6 – Sep 28, 2017

Photo by me

Hey guys!

A few weeks went by and I finally found motivation to write another blog post!

Last post I told you about the Moore vs Westmoore game and that the Southmoore Westmoore game would be soon(Friday, 09/08/2017) – Guess what, we lost… And even worse than Moore did(Something like 10:51)! No, I am not disapointed. No.

Two weeks later(Friday, 09/22/2017), we played against Moore and most people in my school were sure that we are going to win that game. In all the years our school excists (since 2008) we never lost against Moore. So I went to the game with a lot of hope and believe that at least this game we won’t lose, so that I could die in peace and be able to say that in the 1 year I went to a highschool, mine didn’t lose every game… Seems like I put my hope in the wrong place. Of cause we lost, but at least we played 14:17 so Moore didn’t get that many touchdowns, but anyways – it was quite disapointing! After the game I went over to Kenzy where I spent the night. The next day we watched a movie and went to the fair (it was the day before last day and “finally” the free fall tower as opened – I wasn’t too pleased about it haha).

We already went to the fair on its first day(Thursday,09/14/2017) with my hostfamily. We bought wristbands and so we were able to ride all of the rides without paying for each one. Kenzy really wanted to go on the free fall tower which wasn’t opened that day – at the end of the day even I was sad that it wasn’t opened even though I hate this stuff XD. Kenzy didn’t like things that twist and are upside down, so we just did the roller coasters and the wild water slide. We were lucky that a nearby shop gave us some sachet to put our phones in because we got really wet! At the end of the fair (and after all the rides, including a ride on the largest Ferris wheel of America, which was pretty cool and there were really friendly people with us in the gondola) I first tried a funnel cake and a cinnamon roll – both of them were really delicous!
I think the morning after that I was tired as never before – Thank’s to my Algebra teacher who has a REALLY comfortable couch in the back haha!

The following week started with a day of – Labour day !!!! Whoho!!!! (Monday, 09/18/2017)
Elena and Guiliana(to other exchange students from Italy and Brazil)asked me if I wanted to join them to the mall and of cause I said yes!
It was a really funny and amazing day and none of our hostparents could understand how we could spend so much time (about 5 hours) at the smallest Mall nearby… Well, we went to every intersting looking shop, ate and while we were trying something on we had to get all the oppinions possible – including the oppinion of people 8000km away XD- Okay maybe I should clarify myself- Just I needed that many opinions ‘XD
Please don’t ask me why we went to the smallest Mall okay? It just happened…

This week (09/25(The birthday of my french exchange student XD)- 09/29/2017) is homecoming week. That means again a spirit week and this friday will be the Homecoming game and after that the Homecoming dance.
On Monday was Mix match day (sweat pants, blouse, 2 diffrent shoes), on Tuesday was 80s day(leggings with shorts over it and a neon shirt – At the beginnig of the day a had a ponytail at the side of my had but it started annoying me so I made a normal one), on Wednesday was Stoplight day (-> green single, yellow talking, red dating) and today was Camo(uflage) day(I didn’t had anything to wear 🙁 ) and tomorrow it will be a diffrent spirit for each class(the Sophomores’ is black like out of space). Not everybody is dressing up- most people aren’t what I find kind of sad, but hey, I can’t change it!
Tomorrow I will hopefully find someone to buy a ticket for the homecoming dance because I am not sure if I can still buy it at the dance itself.
As the weather is bad this week and we are going to lose anyway (school spirit and trust in our football team at teir highest points) I am probably not going to the game. Instead, Elena, Guiliana and me are probably going bowling or something else. Maybe Kenzy will join us…

You can probably read about it in my next entry – if I don’t forget it ‘XD

Another thing that happened this week – a girl from T&F told me I should go to Young life – some kind of a youth group with (I think) a Christian background- and meet her there.
So my hostdad brang me to the adress (it was already dark outside, about 7:40 p.m.) and the “gym” was kind of secluded which was a little bit scary. About 50 meters infront of me was another student so I followed that person. On my way I became kind of paranoid and asked myself to what kind of sekt I am going to (A/N I would like to note that I didn’t knew anything about it at this point and it was just a half genuie thought! I don’ want to offend anybody with this!). When I came to the door I was greeted really enthusiastic which made my previous thought a little bit stronger ‘XD. My friend didn’t arrived yet but the others started talking to me (one girl, one of the group leaders, was already in college but most were in my age and from my school) they were really cool and soon my friend and another girl (she lives in my neighboorhood and takes me home from T&F if I can’t take the bus) arrived. We watched some skatches, sang some songs(like shake it off) and just hang around. At the end of it one of the group leaders told us aboout his summer (he kind of travelled the world) and said that he had a lot of fun and that God created the world to have fun. He provided this by a passage of the Bible and then we prayed a short prayer. I reconised that instead of folding their hamds like we do it in Germany they just lower their head. It was kind of weird for me because in Germany, when a lot of young people meet to have fun, we don’t pray or set it in a realationship with God, but this is kind of the American culture and I think it was a good thing to experience. I think I might go there next week as well. Maybe Elena or Kenzy want to come with me and if not that’s okay 🙂
The group will make a weekend trip in October, I think about joining them, but first I would like to get to know them better and I need more information about it and after that I have to ask my hostfamily about it…

I will probably write you soon(er) – and if not I will do it later ‘XD

See you soon,


PS: Some crazy/dumb/ weird stuff that happened in the last weeks:

  1. My English teacher told us we would have a catch-up day that day – Took me long enough to understand what a ketchup day is (still waiting for our mustard day)
  2. On Tuesday this week(09/26/2017 – really rainy day so we did Track&Field in the f*cking hallway – whose stupid idea was this ?!) a girl came to me and asked:” So I know you are not from the US- where are you from, because I hear your accent” and I told her that I was from Germany, which made her and the other girls standing around freak out and giving me a group hug – well, I got no clue why but hey- who doesn’t like hugs ?! XD

PPS: Telling me that I have an accent or asking me where I’m from after I said like 2 words, seems to be a thing, they really like to do .-.



Aug 28 – Sep 6, 2017

Photo by me

Hey Guys!

This Post will be about my second and third week of school!

Track and Field is pretty hard but I still like it! 2 of my ‘friends’ I made there quitted for different reasons, but that is okay there are other people I can talk to Xp…

One of the girls is in my biology class, and when I speak of it , the schedule of one girl I knew from Volleyball changed so now she is in that class too.

In the 2nd week we wrote some tests but all in all it was okay. Most of the test here are multiply choice which is much easier to the test I am used to in Germany( I just die when I think about how hard it will be to get used to real/hard school back in Germany again XD).

On Wednesday me and the girl from Algebra bought some things so that we can do tie dye shirts for Friday, and we did them the same evening, it was a huge mess but we definetly had fun XD

On Thursday I joined Elenas hostparents to my very first Football game – Southmoore Sabercats vs Deer Creek Antlers – we lost.

On Friday was one of the Moore War games. West Moore vs Moore!

Me and Kenzy(I don’t know if she’s ok when I use her name so I just say her nickname! She is my friend of the algebra class) dressed up for Westmoore. We wore our shirts, put some glitter on our face and made some hairbands, just by preparing we had so much fun! Another girl from Algebra took us with her to the game. Well, we didn’t really watched the game and the evening turned out a little diffrent than we expected but still it was a good evening – and Westmoore won (I think the end score was 50 : 14 or something like this ‘XD)
Well we will see how we make it this week – Southmoore vs Westmoore – I think we will loose but maybe some miracle will hapen haha…

Another thing that happened on Friday was that I changed my schedule from Computer Education (I hated this class btw) to Fashion. Best choice I ever made haha!!!

The weekend we spend with making a birthday cake for my hostparents niece and going to an Oktoberfest which was kind of dissapointing, but besides the fact that should have been some thing German/ an Oktoberfest, we had fun there. I rode a mechanical bull (even with a dress Xp) and we bought some kettle corn which is officially my new favorite candy. For those of you who don’t know what this wonderful food given by god is- Sweet and Salty Popcorn <3





On Monday was Labour day, so no school and no work for my hostparents, but some poor people, like the Wallmart employees for example, had to work… Well, for me it was just a day to do nothing!

OH, a really terrible thing that happened in the last weeks – I finished Vampire Diaries and the first season of Riverdale… Just kidding, it is bad, but there are more important things in life…

This week(3rd week of school) is spirit week. My algebra teacher gave me her flower garland for Hawaii day because I didn’t have anythink – Thank’s <3
Wednesday was picture and denim day – This are going to be wonderful school pictures with double denim -.- (Another things besides starting on a friday I don’t get about this school haha)

Well I am tired now…

See you soon,


First week at school


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Hey Guys!

How are you? Well I am fine!

So the week before I came to school was basically just another week of vacation. I painted my first Oil Painting, watched some netflix and played some Sims 4. But it was also a week were we had to organize a lot. On Wednesday was “Make up Day”- so all new students had to come to school to pick up their schedule, get their ID’s and buy their agendas. So we (Elena, an Italian exchange student who lives nearby at the son of my hostparents, her hostdad and me) went there. In the hallway was a table where a lot of cheerleaders sat and they had a list to check if every student was there to pick up their stuff. The names were ordered by the grade so they asked my in which one I was in. Clever as I am I said “Somosphore!” and they were like “Do you mean Sophomore?”. Jup, note to myself, check a word twice before you try to say it…

They told us to go up stairs and get everything. We did as we were told and could return home just a few minutes after that. (All the other students/Freshman had been in the Gym listening to a presentation…).

And then it was Friday – My first day of school!

Please don’t ask me why they start school on a Friday – I did and nobody could really explain it. The most realistic answer was “So that we have a whole weekend to get our supplies”…

The day/ the lessons were basically made up of teh teacher telling us what to expect, what they expect, what we have to buy and who they are. So just some kind of basic/ boring informatition, so I am not going to talk about it so much. But I am going to talk about the people.

So in my first hour and second hour I talked with some really nice girls so that these hours went over really quick.

In US History (3rd hour) I didn’t really talke to the other students… Maybe I was just to shy to talk to anybody… My teacher there is making a lot of jokes and the first time we had a lesson with him he was just small talking with us. When he asked me about my vacation I told the class that I am an exchange student and they seemed intersted XD

My next class was biology, where nothing special happened…

At lunch I sat with Elena and we talked about our days.

After that I had computer education and the teacher was not there (On that day I thought the old man who was sleeping in the back of the class was our teacher – no he wasn’t HAHA XD) so we could do whatever we wanted.

After that I joined Elena to our 6th hour Volleyball. There we met another exchange student Guiliana from Brazil. The team seemed really cool and I really liked the girls but after the warm-up the coach asked all new students to come and asked a few questions. Unfortunately, my ‘interview’ was really quick over, in fact afteer she asked my what my story was, where I am from, my name and if I played Volleyball in Germany – for those who didn’t know- no I didn’t. So I had to change my schedule.

At the counselor(who is really nice byhttp://lillis-usa.exchangeblog.net/wp-admin/post.php?post=141&action=edit the way) I had the choice between Soccer and Track and Field, and I chose T&F!!! So she told me to go the the Field House -I had no idea where that was, so I asked her but on my way I lost my orientation (Throwback to my preperation seminar XD – I had to ask the receptionist 3 times and I still couldn’t find it- ups). So I asked some women who were organizing the busses. They were really friendly and told me that the T&F guys are in a classroom and showed me the way. That day I was asked about 3 times if I would play Soccer – well I can’t really blame them I wore the german national tricot ‘XD

On the weekend we bought most of the school supplies and then the real first week of school began.

This post is goint to be far to long and I am a little bit( 2 weeks) behind, so I will summarize the week(Moreover I can’t remember so many things because I am experiencing so much #sorrynorsorry XD)

I sat at lunch alone( Elena was still in the line to buy her lunch) and then some girls came over to my table and asked if they could sit with me and if we could be friends – Well now we are friends, HAHA XD

I hang out with two friends of my Algebra class and we talked, went to Braum’s (where we saw a Troy Bolton Double and they tried to pronounce some german  words- Hünchen for example) and then we went to Bricktown(Oklahoma City’s Downtown) where we went to a really cute little American Candy Shop ( I tried POP Rocks and some Soda with Fufu taste, I think the brand was JONES)!
Even though our actual plan – going to the Dodger’s Baseball game – didn’t work because the grass was too wet (Jup, seriously), we had a lot of fun.

I tried DrPepper’s and Root Beer and liked neither of them- the first one tasted like some kind of mixture between coke and fake cerry flavor and the second one tasted like mouth wash(Fun fact: My US History teacher couldn’t believe I don’t like DrPepper’s(his favorite drink – bring him one  of those when ypu are too late and he might turn a blind eye for you) and when I told him / the class about the Root beer- they were all laughing and told me that the would like to try our mouth wash).

Well, I guess that should have been every thing for the first week – or at least everything important!

See you soon,


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